Lucia Diaz, student  

Gayatri Joshi is my favourite teacher! I have studied dance all my life from Haitan to West African to Flamenco.My secret dream was to dance Odissi but was always sort of intimidated by the complexity of hindu classical dance. I am so grateful that fate brought me to Gayatri’s class. Gayatri is not only a fabulous artist but a gifted and nurturing teacher. Her teaching style puts you at ease and she points out where you need to focus in order to grow. This is one day in the week where I focus on myself.



Shree Oggu, Parent

I have seen Gayatri’s dedication to dance for last 5 years. I have always wondered how you manage to be a professional, a mom, a wife and a dancer. It must be because there is an inherent passion towards dance. She has not only learnt/mastered dance but have been instrumental in coaching kids to excel in the same.

Susan  Easaw, Friend

I have known Gayatri a long time. Its given me immense pleasure in watching my friend’s growth. It is showcased in the dances she performs and takes you on a journey of the story being told. Her passion and commitment are inspiring. I have seen her joy while dancing and she gives back by teaching others who want to start their own journey..


Kajal Sarkar

Ms. Gayatri’s passion and dedication for Odissi, completely show through. She settles for nothing less than perfection when is comes to teaching the beautiful dance form. She believes in teaching the most authentic form of the art and is very creative with all her choreographies! My 5 year old has the highest regard for Ms.Gayatri as an Odissi teacher!

Archana Kamde, Parent

Gayatri is very calm and very understanding in nature. She gives equal opertunity to all.

Tarun Tripathy, Classical Artist, Newark, CA

Gayatri’s feet moved to the masterful vocal direction of her esteemed  Guru, Jyoti Rout herself during her performance.
Her Geeta Govinda piece was flawlessly executed without any blemishes whatsoever. What stood out was her exquisite
talent as a dance-actress, the modesty and even the reverence of her performing.

Gayatri’s performance was rooted yet quick, displaying the flickering animation of the eyes, brows and mouth and the deftly expressive mudras of the Odissi tradition. Other times it was a flow of actions depicting a story that spanned the stage from end to end. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for the spectators!