RANGAPUJA which is also known as ‘Mancha Pravesh’ or ‘Ranga Pravesh’ is the very first step of an Odissi dancer to perform solo for the entire event and is the beginning of Odissi journey as a solo artist. It’s not the event but the journey which grooms the dancer not only as a performer but also as a person and as an artist.

“Geetam Vadyam Tatha Nrityam, Trayam Sangeet Muchyate”

Music is the combination of three fine arts namely: singing (vocal), playing instruments (instrumental) and dance. Live musicians are integral part of the any Indian classical art form and Ranga Puja is not complete without Live musicians,

iGurukul brings Live Musicians, renowned artists of SANGEETAM

Sangita Gosain – Vocal
Kshiti Prakash Mohapatra – Vocal
Swapneswar Chakraborty – Sitar
Rudra Prasad Parida - Flute
Vanesh Gosain – Manjira
Budhanath Swain – Mardala

2019 Rangapuja Dates

Jul 27th or 28th – Megha Joshi
Aug 3rd or 4th – Rinisha Giri
Aug 10th or 11th – Shreeya Kar


2018 Ranga Puja’s

Jul 29th – Odissi Soo Debut by Meghna Nanda, Woodside Theater, Woodside

Aug 5th – Odissi Soo Debut by Malvika Divakar, Cubberly Theater, Palo alto

Aug 12th – Odissi Soo Debut by Sanika Kamde, Cubberly Theater, Palo alto