iGurukul workshops are always intensive yet fun and exciting. Kids will not only be learning the Dance but also Yoga and Odissi Theory. And history proves that kids always are more motivated, better in stamina and form after the workshop.

It’s also rare opportunity and a joy to dance all day. Dancing makes people/kids happy. The body naturally wants to move to the beat, and when you allow your body to lose itself in movement, the rhythm and movement together creates a meditative state of mind when we dance for a longer time. It brings self-confidence, self esteem, focus, respect for one’s own body and of course much improved dance techniques. It’s rare opportunity and a joy to dance all day.

Please sign up ASAP so that i can block these dates.

We have upcoming 3 workshops/Summer camp this year. All must attend atleast one of them. These workshops are very specialized conducted by highly qualified teachers and Guru’s. Kids learn a lot with a fun filled environment.
Kids can certainly sleep over with me if commute is an issue. For weekday workshops, let us know if you need to drop off your kids earlier than 9am or can pick up later than 5pm. We can make special arrangements for that.
Weekdays workshops include Lunch and snacks and Weekend includes all breakfast, lunch and dinner (Mostly healthy home cooked meals).
Here are some clips from last year camp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSG-XZ2yuPY&feature=youtu.be
Summer Workshop #1:
June 17th – 21st
Awaken The Dancer Within You
With Sanjib Bhattacharya & Manoj Joshi
Participants learn Yoga, Chhau & Expression
Summer Workshop #2:
June 24th – 28th
Explore Rhythms & Emotions
With Sanjib Bhattacharya & Gayatri Joshi
Participants learn 2 dance items (Odissi & Manipuri)
Weekend Dancer Workshop
Fri – Sat- Sun: June 21st – 23rd
Friday(5-9pm), Satday(7am-7pm) & Sunday (7am -5pm)
Dance, Yoga & Meditation
Sanjib Bhattacharya, Manoj & Gayatri Joshi
Participants learn dance items (Odissi & Chhau)


All workshop costs $250. Siblings get 10% discounts.
More information available at
If you have any questions, please call me at 510-364-4163