iGurukul Foundation is a center of Excellence in Learning and Human Development, California, USA and is registered non profit organization.  In ancient India Gurukuls used to be residential complete learning centres wherein the Gurus (Teacher-Guides) and the Sishyas (Student-Learners) were living together. Training in life-management challenges used to be the focus along with spiritual learning.

iGurukul Foundation’s mission is to enhance inner potential, synergy, empowerment, creativity and personal excellence among children, youth and families. We create unique, unconventional and interactive learning opportunities through yoga, dance, music, drama, workshops and promote learning world culture together for making this life a unique journey of happiness and harmony.

  • Promote participative, learner-centered learning and work as a finishing school with special focus on developing emotional, social and spiritual quotients.
  • Enable adolescents and youth to understand the social contexts and overcome cross cultural challenges through positive life skill
  • Equip young parents and adults with knowledge and information, techniques and strategies on family life education, parenting, change management, career planning, personality development, and leadership and decision making skills.
  • Organize seminars, workshops, training orientation programs on emerging human development issues.
  • Conduct field based extension and intervention programs on gender and reproductive health, nutrition, high-risk behaviors, relationships care and welfare
  • Build nexus between science, society and spirituality through our project works with various international community and corporations.

Please visit www.igurukul.org for more details.