Dance is Magic

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Dance is often considered as the most complete of all the Arts specially when practiced with live musicians. Dance involves both external tools such as music, instruments, lightings, props and internal faculties like intelligence, spirituality, discovery and spontaneity.  All culminating in the dance offered by the body full of presence, mind full of illumination and a heart full of compassion –in every way,  the yoga in motion.

Classical and Traditional dances are beautiful art forms. They follow a strict set of rules and it takes years to master them. This uniformity looks graceful and vibrant on stage. The dancer learns to master the different part of the body movements (head, eye, neck, torso etc), hand gestures, complicated foot work and expressions for storytelling. Most of Indian classical dance is based on Nritya Shastra  written by Bharat Muni. As per Hindu mythology Lord Bramha created the Natya Veda which later was translated to Nrityashastra.  And Lord Shiva known as Natraj and cosmic dancer, is the very  first dancer of this universe. Most of these classical dance is based on Natya (pure expression), Nritta (Pure dance) and Nritya (Dance with Expression).

The era of modern dances was born because some dancers decided to rebel against traditional dances. The main difference between modern dance and classical is that modern dance offers more freedom. It focuses on the choreographer’s interpretation of the music. Any step is permissible with this art form. Most of these creator of modern dances are themselves classical dancers. Although modern dance forms are popular these days, there is a huge demand for the authentic original form for its purity, originality and spiritual values. In most cases, having a solid foundation in one or more form of classical dance will have a better chance of making you a better modern dancer as well.

Dance is not magic; be it classical or modern. It does not happen in one day or one week or even one year. It involves years of training, tons of hard work and sweating out in studios. If you have a family, you work even harder to keep the families happy. If you are working, you spend number of sleepless nights to catch up with work, help children on their home works, attend to other family situations and the list goes on and on.

Sometime the small effortless movement that we see as an audience might have taken hrs of training. It’s so amazing to see these transitions during the group dances. A line becomes diagonal and then circle and then staggered. It looks so cool. But it is the hardest task of a choreographer to achieve it.I was just so mesmerized by Prince Group performances during India Got Talent TV reality show and you get speechless looking at those dances. Those dancers rehearse 3-4 hrs each single day. And when this group came to Mumbai they had not enough money to stay in the cheapest available hotels. So, they cut down on their meal and would have only one meal a day. They finally win the India Got Talent title. And it was a magic.

Dance is life, Dance is a bliss & Dance is Magic!

Written By Gayatri Joshi & Published on iGurukul Sovenure 2011

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