Guru Gayatri joshi disciple of esteemed Guru Jyoti Rout,  is an accomplished Odissi Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher. She has performed internationally and to witness her dance is to see the ancient temple sculptures come to life. When she performs, she takes you on a journey of the story being told. 

Gayatri’s has been learning dance from early child hood with different teachers as her parents moved from city to city with a transferable job. She started her baby steps with renowned Guru Durga Charan Ranbir. She established herself as an Odissi dancer with Guru Hare Krishna Behera at New Delhi. She performed Odissi with Guruji at many occasions. She won the title ‘dancing doll’ at Delhi university for her dance performances and innovative choreographies as a student. She continued her  studies with her beloved Guru Jyoti Rout when she moved to California, USA in 1997.

There was no looking back from that day as she joined Jyoti Kala Mandir and later graduated in 2006 after her spectacular solo debut performance at Woodside Theater, CA, USA.  The highlights of her performances are at

  • San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, 2007
  •  Konark dance Festival, Konark 2008
  • “Beach Festival, Puri 2008
  •  Yoga Bharati, California 2010
  •  OSA Conventions 1998, 2010, 2012, 2013 & 2015
  • National Odissi Dance Festival, Bhubaneshwar 2009
  • Bouquet of Indian Classical Dance, UC Santa Cruz & San Jose State University 2013
  • First US Odissi Meet, Washington DC, 2014
  • Kalpana, Yuva Bharti, 2013
  • Milan, Yuva Bharti 2015
  • Kala Mahotsav Opening Ceremony, 2015
  • Varna Sankeerna, Confluence of Colors, 2015
  • Chaousathi Yogini Festival, 2016
  • International Odissi Dance Festival, Bhubaneswar, 2016
  • NABC, Santa Clara Convention Center, 2017
  • Jyoti Kala Mandir Productions ‘Krishna Lila’, ‘Om Namah Shivay’,'Devi’, ‘Avataras’,'Das Bhuja’,'Amrit Dhara’, ‘Nrityanjali’, ‘Budhha’, ‘Mrityanjay’ & ‘Varsha’.

Gayatri is not only a fabulous artist but a gifted and nurturing teacher who is instrumental in passing the Odissi dance forms to hundreds of kids and adults to achieve distinction and gain self confidence through dance . She  Co-Founded and serving as Artistic Director of  ‘iGurukul Foundation’ – A Non Profit organization to promote Indian Culture through which she teach Odissi, Yoga & Odia language to the next generation kids with her friend Kuku Das.

Gayatri is a brilliant dance choreographer and has won several awards for choreography. She has choreographed many Odissi items, Dance Dramas, Folk Dances  and Classical Fusions.

Here are some of her Original Authentic Odissi Choreographies.

  • GitaAmritam
  • Abhinaya: Devi Anandamayee Bhawani 2015
  • Saraswati Mangala Charan 2014
  • Angikam – Mangala Charan 2015
  • Jagannath Mangala Charan 2017
  • Surya Narayan Mangala Charan 2019
  • Gavati Pallavi 2016
  • Deshkar Pallavi 2018
  • Shyam Kalyan Pallavi 2019
  • Shiva – Hridibhaj Natraj 2016
  • Mangalam Mangala Charan
  • Geet Govind: Chandana Charchita 2017
  • Geett Govind: Priya Charusheele 2019
  • Panchabhoota 2018
  • Shri Ganesh 2018
  • Radha Hi Bawari (Marathi Abhinaya) 2018
  • Prem (Malyalam Abhinaya) 2018
  • Bata Chhada Suhata Nagar – Odia Abhinaya 2017
  • Yog – Journey of a Yogi – Shiva
  • Blossomming Colors – Pure Dance
  • Achyutam Keshavam
  • Prayer – Jaya Jagannath Swami

She also have restaged many odissi dance items with larger groups. Her group choreographies have always gain popularity with special mention of ‘Dasa Avatar’, ‘Sri Jagannath’,  ‘Mangalam’. & ‘OSA Opening ceremony 2010′.

Gayatri regularly conducts Lecture demonstrations on Odissi Dance at UC Santa Cruz and many local schools. She also conducts Odissi Workshops in a regular basis in USA.

Gayatri excels in her organizing and event management skills.  Her talent in showcasing innovative cultural programs to both educate and entertain the audience have been appreciated with cheers and often with standing ovation. She  has made a significant contribution to the bay area Odia and Indian community in last 18 years through her active involvement in not only teaching Odissi, choreographing Odissi dances but also taking leadership in organizing various community events and inspiring the young adults. Her students have bagged numerous distinguished awards and accolades every year in popular Indian events such as Federation of Indian American (FIA), Youthsava, Indian Community Center (ICC), International Ethnic Dance Festivals, Fremont Hindu Temple, Livermore Temple, Sunnyvale Temple and many more.

She also won many Awards:

  • Nritya Ratna  from Soor Mandir, 2018
  • Kalashree Award – OSA Convention at Wasington DC,  2015
  • Cultural Excellence award by Odisha Society of Americas Convention at Texas 2011
  • Outstanding Performance and Creative choreographer  by Jyoti Kala Mandir 2009

She is married to Manoj Joshi (Yoga Master, Life Coach, Founder/Director of Wellness By All Means) and has two daughters Vanani and Megha who also are Odissi dancers.

Gayatri’s dream is to share the gift of dance to our next generations keeping it’s authenticity and purity.